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Ordering Hybrid Poplars from Segal Ranch

We have several ways you can order your cuttings:
  • Order from our online catalog
  • Print out our order form in PDF format (file size 6K) and send to:
      Segal Ranch
      2342 S. Euclid Rd.
      Grandview, WA 98930
  • Give us a call at 509-840-1045 to place your order

Payment Methods

Payment for all orders must be received before shipment. For convenience, you may use your Visa or Mastercard on our online order form. We also accept check or money order. Please include payment if mailing in your order with our printed order form.

Shipping Charges

All orders are shipped from our ranch in Grandview, Washington.

Shipping and handling is: $15 for orders of $75 or less. FREE for orders more than $75. Because cuttings shipped and received within 3 days will not come out of dormancy, we recommend 3rd day select. We will ship for arrival on weekdays unless otherwise requested. If you are within 3 days delivery time by ground service, select UPS when using our checkout form.

Sales Disclaimer

Seller hereby disclaims any warranties, express or implied, in reference to the sale of the Hybrid Poplar cuttings being sold to the Buyer except as may be expressly included in any sales agreement accepted order or invoice; such disclaimers are as follows:
  • Seller does not warrant that the Hybrid Poplar cuttings will grow into healthy trees, in as much as the success or failure of growth depends on the planting and subsequent care by Buyer.
  • In the event Buyer should seek to recover damages for any breach of contract or alleged warranty, Seller's liability shall be limited to replacement of Hybrid Poplar cuttings which are not true to variety.


No refunds will be offered for orders canceled three days or less prior to the required delivery date.

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