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Hybrid Poplars: Trees, Cuttings, and Clones

With a commitment to quality in the production of hybrid poplar trees, Segal Ranch is the largest grower processor of hybrid poplars in America. Segal Ranch tree nursery supplies poplar trees and cuttings to industry leaders Boise Cascade and Potlatch, and international trading partners in China and Outer Mongolia.

Explore our online catalog of poplar clones and native trees for pulp production, landscaping, and environmental restoration projects.

Hybrid Poplar Facts

  • Hybrid Poplars are used for solid wood, pulp and plywood production.
  • Hybrid poplars can produce between 4 and 10 dry tons of wood per acre per year.
  • Hybrid poplar trees can grow to a height of 60 feet in as little as six years.

We offer a variety of hybrid poplar clones, bareroot trees & native species:

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What's New at Segal Ranch
Hybrid poplars and poplar clones for 2010: Cold climate clones are here! We have some new clones, the DN-2, DN-70, DN-182 and NE-222. Good for cold climates and the Northest or Northwest regions including China.

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Older trees display beautiful fall foliage

Poplar Clones and Cuttings
A poplar "clone" is a group of genetically identical plants that result from vegetative reproduction of a single tree, without production of flowers or seeds.

Hybrid Poplars are cloned by producing "cuttings". Poplar cuttings are 8-10 inches long, cut from young dormant stems or branches of the selected tree. Read more about the uses of hybrid poplars.

The successful growth of hybrid poplars depend on several factors such as:
  • choice of land
  • land preparation
  • moisture needs
  • weed control
Our harvest begins in January and our selling season goes through June.
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