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About Segal Ranch

Willard Mears, Manager
John Segal, Owner

Segal Ranch grows and sells Hybrid Poplar cuttings to large and small customers. Some of our larger customers are the Boise Cascade Corporation, the Potlatch Corporation, and other companies that grow poplars to use in paper production.

Our Commitment to Quality & Customer Service

All of our cuttings meet or exceed industry quality standards
  • They are eight to nine inches in length, or special eighteen inch or thirty-six inch cuttings can be obtained
  • They are 3/8 of an inch minimum to 3/4 of an inch maximum in diameter.
  • All cuttings have a viable bud within one inch of the top.
  • All cuttings are free of any physical or insect damage.
  • All cuttings are packaged in plastic bags then packed in a second plastic bag to maintain moisture and are shipped in sealed cardboard containers.
  • All cuttings are stored in 28 degree (Fahrenheit) cold storage until the time of shipping. This insures the dormancy of the cuttings

Delbert Mears, Senior Farm Advisor
Our experienced staff will help you select the right poplar for your needs. If you're not sure how to best utilize or grow your cuttings, contact us online or give us a call at 509-840-1045

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